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Sexual Assault Survivor's Bill of Rights

You have rights. You have the right to get answers, the right to information, and a right to know. This card explains key rights, options, and helpful resources.

Sexual Assault Survivor's Bill of Rights

You Decide
It’s your choice to:
• Get a physical exam,
• Be part of a criminal case, or
• Report the assault.
No matter what you choose, you keep your rights.

Ask a health care provider, law enforcement officer, or contact your local rape crisis center.

You Have a Right to Know...

You can:
• Have a 24-hour confidential sexual assault counselor (victim advocate) or other support person(s) with you during any exam or interview.

• Ask for a Court Order to protect you.
» For protection from the attacker right away, ask a law enforcement officer for an Emergency Protective Order.
» Learn about Civil Protection Orders here:

• Ask about test results and evidence from the assault.

• Ask the officer for a case number and how to find out what happens next.

• If you need help to pay for your costs related to the assault, learn more and apply at:

• Note: You may have to take part in the criminal case to qualify for CalVCB.

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