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Carah's Story



Picture, for a moment, a teenage girl standing in a courthouse, facing a judge, lawyers, her abuser, and his many family members and his supporters. Consider the steps she took, from the moment she realized she needed help, to this day as she gives her Survivor impact statement to a courtroom full of people.

That girl is Carah. She is a recent graduate from a local high school, lives right here in the Inland Empire, and she is a Survivor. She is just one of the thousands of Survivors Partners Against Violence has supported through education, counseling, advocacy, and crisis response.

"I could not have done this by myself. The best thing for me was just being able to talk to somebody and them being able to help me go forward with the court process."

Carah was harmed by a someone she trusted. Like so many, she was experiencing feelings of shame and guilt. She did not know where to go for help. Then, she attended an assembly at her school, which began her healing journey with Partners Against Violence.

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