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Future Now

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Project Report Booklet

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High School Friends

Future Now
Teen Action Group

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Future Now is a comprehensive Teen Action Group (TAG) Prevention Program initiated by Partners Against Violence (PAV) as an expansion of their existing virtual teen prevention program, the Teen Toolkit (TTK), titled 'What's the Matter.'


Launched in 2021, Future Now emphasizes teen leadership, encouraging self-expression, and offering healthy options for decision-making and lifestyle approaches. The program addresses attitude and behavioral changes to counteract harmful teen norms and violence acceptance, focusing on military families at Silver Valley High School and Barstow High School in California. The program incorporates educational content through various platforms, including the agency website, Teen Podcast, and TikTok. It promotes primary prevention through engaging teens in healthy relationships, bystander prevention, cultural diversity, financial health education, and local government involvement.


The 2024 project narrative, "Reframing & Redefining Beauty," involves professional photographer-led workshops aiming to challenge societal beauty standards and enhance teens' self-image. The program includes educational training sessions and a conference to showcase teen achievements. The conference features a photo exhibit, bench placement, guest speakers, mural dedication, and involvement of government officials and school faculty.


The initiative spans from January 12, 2024, to April 20, 2024, with various events and educational sessions scheduled.

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Image by Wilman Aro


Reframing & Redefining Beauty

For "Reframing & Redefining Beauty," our teens are collaborating with a photographer for workshops challenging teen beauty norms. Discussions on self-image will lead to personalized photoshoots where students express their unique views of beauty. The resulting posters and collages will be displayed around the school, inspiring peers to engage with the program and celebrate the creative accomplishments of their fellow teens.


Teen Action Group (TAG) Conference

As we engage in exciting activities and training for teens, we're planning a dynamic conference for parents, peers, community members, and school faculty. We aim to have regional assembly members present to recognize the teens' hard work in the prevention program. The conference will feature a captivating photo exhibit, a keynote speaker, the unveiling and dedication of a mural, acknowledgments from our agency, and recognition from government officials and the school district. Stay tuned for a celebration of our teens' achievements!


Saturday, April 20, 2024
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Yermo Community Services District

200 McCormick St

Yermo, CA 92398

Image by Jaunt and Joy



We've teamed up with Main Street Murals to create a powerful mural with teens focusing on the primary prevention of sexual and other forms of violence, centered around the theme of Self-Image. The mural will showcase what the teens have learned from their training and activities, guided by educational topics and training provided by Main Street Murals. Currently in talks with Yermo City District, we might just have the perfect wall for the grand unveiling and dedication of this impactful masterpiece! Stay tuned for more updates on this collaborative and meaningful project.


Capitol Trip

We're planning a thrilling trip to Sacramento for our teens, diving into the heart of legislative change at the Capitol. The proposed itinerary includes Capitol and Supreme Court exploration, introductions to our assembly members, and engaging discussions with the Assembly Fellow Panel—a group of inspiring leaders who've triumphed over adversity. Get ready for a firsthand look at the mechanisms of change in action!

Image by Leo_Visions
Image by Tseinn Wong


Community Bench Artwork Presentation

A passionate father-son duo is teaming up with us for primary prevention education with our teens. Together, we're crafting a prevention art bench adorned with messages of inclusion, diversity, embracing differences, self-love, and more. Our young volunteer envisioned creating a serene space for youth to relax, take a breather, and practice self-care, promoting a positive self-image. The bench will be constructed by the dynamic duo and our teen students, while our TAG leaders add their personal touch by painting it with powerful primary prevention messages. Stay tuned for this creative and meaningful project!

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