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Survivor Stories

A Survivor's Story

No one person's story is alike. No one Survivor's experience is the same. Here, we share Survivor's stories with their full consent as part of their healing process. Every Survivor’s experience and path to healing is unique.

How, when, and if a Survivor decides to share their story with others is entirely up to them. It is a highly personal decision and no one should be compelled to share their experiences publicly.


When a Survivor chooses to share their story, that insight into their recovery from the violence and the challenges they have faced—and may still face—send a powerful message that surviving and healing from sexual and gender-based violence is possible.

We are thankful to the Survivors who choose to share their story here and are proud to offer this platform to do so, if it is part of their personal healing journey.

Art of Healing

This series explores the ways in which Survivors heal.

Survivor Stories

Survivor Stories

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"I could not have done this by myself. The best thing for me was just being able to talk to somebody and them being able to help me go forward with the court process."

Carah, Survivor


Explore Healing

Resources from the Me Too Movement including toolkits, information, and more.

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