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VOCA In The News

The recent cuts to VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) Funding have sent shockwaves through communities statewide, jeopardizing vital resources for survivors. As headlines continue to highlight the repercussions of these cuts, it's imperative to understand the far-reaching impact on those who rely on these services for healing and support. Explore this page to stay informed about the latest developments, learn how you can take action, and stand in solidarity with survivors during this critical time.


Press Inquiries

Are you a member of the press seeking more information or interested in conducting an interview about the VOCA Funding cuts and the impact on survivors of crime? We're here to provide you with the insights and perspectives you need. Please reach out to us using the contact information below. We look forward to connecting with you and shedding light on this crucial issue.

Media Contact:
Michelle Cates
Executive Director

(909) 885-8884

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