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Partners Against Violence Fighting Back Against VOCA Cuts to Support Survivors of Crime

Inland Empire – Partners Against Violence (PAV), a leading organization dedicated to supporting survivors of violence, is issuing an urgent call to action in response to the devastating cuts to the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funding. These cuts, if not addressed, will have catastrophic consequences for our organization and, most importantly, for survivors of violence across California.

Amidst our efforts to secure funding for crime victim services, Governor Newsom has released his May Revised budget details, revealing an unfortunate absence of allocation for such crucial support. This omission is deeply disappointing, but it only reinforces the urgency of our advocacy efforts.

The recent cut to federal funding for victim services is a direct threat to the critical support systems that survivors rely on for safety, healing, and justice. As an organization that works tirelessly to provide vital services to survivors of violence, including domestic violence and sexual assault, we are deeply alarmed by the potential impact of these cuts.

"Let me be clear,” said Michelle Cates, Executive Director of Partners Against Violence. “Partners Against Violence’s services and those of the 400 victims' service providers throughout the state of California are essential and life-saving."

Of particular concern is the effect these cuts will have on underserved areas, such as the high desert region of California. In these communities, access to support services is already limited, and any reduction in funding will only exacerbate the challenges faced by survivors seeking help and resources.

It is imperative that Governor Newsom and other lawmakers recognize the urgency of this situation and take immediate action to address the funding shortfall by including up to $200 million in this year’s budget to support survivors of crime. The responsibility lies squarely in their hands to ensure that survivors have access to the crucial services they need to rebuild their lives.

We urge all those who support our organization and stand in solidarity with survivors to join us in reaching out to Governor Newsom and other state leaders to insist that they provide the necessary funding to keep our lights on and our services available. These services are not optional—they are essential, life-saving resources for survivors of violence.

Now is the time for action. Together, we can make our voices heard and ensure that survivors across California receive the support and justice they deserve.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact Michelle Cates at (909) 885-8884 or

About Partners Against Violence

Partners Against Violence provides support for Survivors of sexual assault and violent crimes. All of our services are available at no cost to Survivors, their significant others, and family members. We are partners committed to building healthy relationships, families, communities, and generations that are free from violence.

Visit to learn more and follow them on social media (@partnersagainstviolence).

Media Contact:

Michelle Cates

Executive Director

(909) 885-8884

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