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Webinar Recap: MMIW

Native men, women, and non-binary people(often referred to as two-spirit) go missing and get murdered at alarmingly high rates compared to other populations. That's something we discussed during our first webinar in the SAAM Webinar Series: Intersectional Conversations. Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW) was our topic, and how this issue intersects with sexual violence.

The webinar began with a presentation from Natalie Bullion, the Executive Director at MMIWUSA, who spoke about the issue of MMIW and its history, as well as the causes and solutions from a legal, economic, and personal perspective.

We were also joined by two panelists. Julie Andrews, LCSW works at the Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health Inc, Native American Resource Center. She is also an enrolled member of the Sicangu Band of the Lakota Nation/Rosebud Sioux Tribe. Cesar Segura has been the Outreach Prevention and Education Coordinator for Cahuilla Consortium Victim Advocacy Program for nearly two years.

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